All-road adventurer.

An electric speed bike with the power and handling to ride harder on dirt, smarter than traffic and closer to nature. Built for adventurous commuters that enjoy life off the grid.


Speed bikes beat traffic jams, use 20x less energy than electric cars and are 20x more exciting than public transport. Perfect for getting to work, if only the countless potholes, bumps and curbs wouldn't spoil the fun. We built ÅSKA to turn bad roads into more fun, and make your commute something to look forward to — every day again.



Even the most treacherous and pothole-littered roads are fun if you have this much give and go. With serious torque, top-notch suspension and 29” wheels, this is a speed bike worthy of its name - able to go full-throttle where others shy away.

ÅSKA is built to responsibly outsmart traffic. Smooth and playful on-road, snappy and shredding off-road. Transform your everyday rush hour into a“what-a-rush” hour. Thrilling adventures await you at every next corner.



For ÅSKA, safety means maximum control and traction on every surface and in all conditions. No fluffy gadgets, but state-of-the-art components that make you a safer rider by helping you be a better rider, wherever you're riding. Booming front and rear lights turn night into day for superior vision and visibility.

4 Piston Hydraulic Disk Brakes
Big Grippy
ÅSKA is what happens if you design a speed bike from the perspective of an industrial engineer and ignore everything the bike industry has been stuck in for years. It's a bold step forward.
Simon, Industrial Designer
Not just near-zero energy consumption and a lot of fun. ÅSKA can actually handle the poor conditions of Europe’s urban roads without compromising on speed, safety and comfort. Making it an even more promising solution for our urban traffic problems than speed pedelecs already were.
Jan, Mobility Researcher
This thing makes commuting one of the best parts of my day! Awesome handling and intelligent drive modes mean that I can slay traffic and trade in traffic jams for scenic views and some single-track fun on my way to work. Not sure what those detours do to my battery, but mine are one hundred percent charged by the time I get there.
Erik, Early Adopter & Brand Ambassador

Neodrives Z20rs
​1200 W peak power ​
Smooth and powerful, ensuring real 45kmh! ​
Colored TFT display


Pinion C 1.6 gearbox - virtually maintenance free ​
Gates Carbon Belt with spring-loaded belt tensioner

Rear suspension

Single pivot, dual bearing, 70mm ​Öhlins TTX1 Air trunnion shock


7020 high strength aluminium
​ÅSKA BIKE patented technology ​
100% produced in Belgium


​Double walled alu fenders
​Ergotec cockpit (safety level 6)


​Single 48V integrated battery
​950 Wh, Top end cells (Samsung) and BMS ​
More than 60km range at full speed and power, and a lot more when you take it easy (but why should you?)


Formula CURA4 ​
4-piston enduro brakes


Formula Selva-C 130mm (36mm stanchions) ​
Top-end enduro fork to smoothen the road at 45kmh ​
Bring on the speedbumps and potholes!


29" double walled enduro rims, 35mm internal width ​
Schwalbe Hurricane 29x2.4 , whisperingly silent on asphalt and sturdy shoulder studs


Double Busch&Müller IQ-X
​That's 2 times 100 Lux, a must on dark roads at high speed

Build it with Foray.



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Frequently asked questions

How big is the battery?

ÅSKA BIKE developed its propriatry 1kWh battery (48V), compatible with the Neodrivessystem. This will give you 60km range at full 45kmh and in real life conditions. Or a lot more at non-maximal support levels and lower speeds.  We are using latest generation Samsung cells, ensuring top-end energy density. Designed and built in Europe - Belgium!

How durable is ÅSKA? Will I have to replace it in a couple of years?

We built ÅSKA to be your everyday workhorse for many years to come. The problem with today's highly integrated mid-engine e-bikes is that they can't be upgraded and become outdated in just a couple of years. ÅSKA's design is modular so that when better components and technology becomes available, you can retrofit those on the bike you already have instead of buying a completely new one. (On that note, we can't wait for batteries with 50% more power for the same weight and volume to become available.) As for choice of materials, we go for quality, durability and circularity. Aluminium is one of the materials with one of the highest recycling track records out there.

Why a rear hub motor?

Because we want the power where we need it! No need to pump the power of the motor through the transmission. The combination with a Pinion gearbox and the low maintenance Gates carbon belt is the best choice for high-end speed bikes.

How does the waitlist work?

People on the waiting list will get the exclusive opportunity to buy before the rest when we launch ÅSKA on the market. Say you're #11 on the waiting list, then you'll be person #11 we contact to ask if you're still interested. If your on the waiting list and you pre-order before the end of August 2021, your bike will be delivered based on your position on the waiting list. Hurry up, we're closing our waiting list at the end of June 2021.

Can I configure my ÅSKA?

At launch, there will be one ÅSKA configuration, available in 3 colours and one size (comfortably fitting people between 1m70 and 2m). Don't worry, there'll be no shortcuts on selection of components. On top of that you will have the option to get an ÅSKA luggage rack.

Where is ÅSKA produced?

We highly value manufacturing in Europe. The frame is 100% developed and built in Europe, same for most key components and assembly. If a component is not from Europe, it's because the European market doesn't currently offer valid alternatives. 

How much will an ÅSKA cost?

ASKA Bike retails at 8999 EUR. This money gest you the most durable speed pedelec on the market. Durable through unique ride caracteristics (full-sus, 29"). Durable through components choice (top-notch MTB fork, damper, brakes etc, no compromises made!). Durable through longevity (Pinion gearbox with belt transmission, state-of-the-art 1000Wh battery, Neodrives system). Durable through it's manufacturing process (truly made in EU!)

What does ÅSKA mean?

ÅSKA is Swedish for "thunder". It's about love for the great outdoors, knack for adventure and a no-nonsense attitude combined with green innovation, clean energy and responsible use of materials.

What is ÅSKA's vision?

Our first priority is to excel in our niche: a speed bike that offers great mobility, is ecologically responsible and is a blast to ride. Who ever said saving the planet can't be fun?

How about maintenance? What if my bike needs service?

We go for top service: fast and at your favourite spot. We will invest in giving selected retailers the maximum support. You will soon find our dealer network on our website.

How will distribution be handled? Where and how will I be able to get an ÅSKA bike?

We will distribute through a network of selected high-quality dealers. Dealers with extensive experience in speed pedelecs, in order to ensure professional advice and after-sales support.

You will be able to test our bikes at these dealers' shops, as well on test events (stay tuned, more info to follow!). We'll help you to get  started and make sure you have a great experience from the very first pedal stroke.

At launch, you will be able to pre-order through the website. Also the pre-odered bikes will be distributed through our dealer network: reservation on the website, sales through the dealer!

How does the pre-order system work?

You can pre-order your ASKA bike on our website. We will charge a 10% reservation fee and apply a 30 days withdrawal right (full refund). ASKA bikes will be delivered in the course of Q2 of 2022 through our dealer network. The balance payment has to be made upon delivery. First deliveries are reserved for the people on the waiting list who pre-ordered their ASKA bike before the end of August

I will lease my ASKA bike via my employer and want to pre-order?

Our pre-order tool allows for a differentiation between purchase or leasing. If you will lease your ASKA bike via your employer, we ask you to personally pay for the 10% reservation fee. We will refund this reservation fee as soon as you send us an approval lease order form, which you will get from one of our dealers.